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CMS Solution

Among the features of CMS include:

  •   User Management: User Management allows assigning different permissions to the profile of each user.

  •   Structure Management: manage the content structure of the Website and create various sections and subsections to be displayed on the Web Portal.

  •   Editing content: allows you to keep the different sections updated, forming the Web Portal. By using a full editor it is possible to include text, images, styles, links, files, etc.

  •   News: manage the news to be displayed on the Web Portal, create and manage different categories of news you want to publish.

  •   Event calendar: allows you to keep an updated calendar of events on the Web Portal.

  •   Document management: through this section, you will have a repository of categorised documents.

  •   Galleries: it will allow the creation and management of photo galleries on the Web Portal.

  •   Management of product catalogs.
  •   Management of directories of companies.

  •   Management of forms: you can define the various forms, which are displayed on the Web Portal.

  •   Participatory tools: newsletters, messaging systems, surveys, social networking, etc.

Our content management system is easily adapted to any web site project according to customer needs, for example businesses, associations, local entities, etc.

This is a content management system based on Web standards that meets the WAI accessibility guidelines.